VPF Statement - July/August 2013

New Feature: ePaystub Email Notification

Employees can now elect to receive email notification when their ePaystubs are available on SAPweb Employee Self Service (ESS). The email notification will include a direct link to your ePaystub.

• To initiate the email notification, go to SAPweb ESS > Money Matters > ePaystubs and click the link at the top for Email Notification (highlighted in yellow).
• The link will launch another window for Email Event Preferences.
• At the bottom of the list, select “Current payroll payment is available for review in ESS,” and then click “Save Changes” at the top of the page.

Payroll Reminder for New Employees

New employees should enter their tax withholding and direct deposit information online via SAPweb ESS at http://web.mit.edu/sapwebss under the Money Matters tab. Direct deposit is required for all MIT employees.

VPF Training Opportunities

New eLearning Course: Introduction to Sourcing and Procurement at MIT

VPF has launched a new online learning module that provides an overview of MIT Sourcing and Procurement processes and services. Available through the MIT Learning Center, the learning module can serve as a helpful introduction for individuals who are new to purchasing at MIT or as a refresher for others. The module highlights the purchasing options available to members of the MIT community and how the Sourcing and Procurement team can assist individuals who are making purchases. Community members who plan to attend VPF's Intro to Sourcing and Procurement in-person training session are encouraged to view this online learning module first.

Looking to build upon this initiative, VPF and IS&T's training team are developing additional modules on specific aspects of the purchasing process. VPF would welcome feedback to ensure that these modules are helpful to the MIT community.

In-person Classes

Register now for VPF “Introduction to” training classes. These classes provide a valuable introduction to VPF policies, procedures, and services for new administrative employees and a helpful refresher for other employees.

All classes will be held in NE49-3100 (600 Technology Square, 3rd floor) in the Grand Cayman Conference Room. The instructors are members of the VPF staff who support DLCs in these areas.

  • Introduction to Sourcing & Procurement: October, 22, 9-10:30 am
  • Introduction to Travel: October 22, 10:45 am - 12:15 pm

Coming Soon: Congos Travel Reports

VPF Travel is working with the Cognos reporting team to improve the real-time reporting of Concur travel expenses. New reports will display the travel charges that have not yet posted in SAP. This information will help with expense projections and awareness of transactions that may require attention.

The new Cognos travel reports will be available to financial administrators by mid-September. More information on accessing and utilizing the reports will be made available over the coming weeks.

As a reminder, MIT business travelers are required to submit expense reports through Concur within 30 days after the completion of a trip. A business trip is not considered an expense to MIT until the trip purpose has been fulfilled. VPF Travel cannot approve an expense report before the designated end date.

For questions regarding the upcoming Cognos reports, please contact vpftravel@mit.edu.

Concur Travel Online Booking Travel Agency Changes

The Travel Collaborative, one of MIT’s preferred travel agencies, will assume fulfillment of MIT’s online reservations through Concur. As of Monday, September 2, 2013, BCD Travel will no longer process MIT’s online reservations. The Travel Collaborative and OT&T Travel will continue as MIT’s only preferred travel agencies.

The new fee through the booking tool for most reservations with flights will be $9 (down from $18). The booking fee for car and hotel reservations will be $6. Southwest Airlines and Amtrak booking fees will be $15 (down from $18).

Following the September 2, 2013, implementation, Concur’s homepage will provide instructions on how to make changes to BCD ticketed reservations, if needed.

To reduce the number of “active” reservations during the changeover, please limit the use of the online booking tool prior to September 2, 2013, for reservations in October 2013 and beyond. As an alternative, please call the Travel Collaborative at 855-370-9290 to book travel. The Travel Collaborative has agreed to match the current online fees through this transition period. Please advise the agent that you are bypassing the online booking tool. Once the transition is completed, the booking tool will again be an option for making travel reservations.

For questions regarding this change, please contact MIT’s Travel Sourcing Analyst, Jimmy Kontoravdis, at 617-253-2756 or jravdis@mit.edu.

SAPweb Purchasing: Additional Cost Objects

Beginning in September, SAPweb will allow requisitioners to distribute an expense across 10 cost objects while making a purchase. VPF and IS&T have collaborated to expand the number of cost object fields that were previously limited to three.

When the new functionality is implemented, the purchasing form will include a new button below the cost object fields marked, “Add Line.” By clicking the “Add Line” button, up to seven additional lines can immediately be added for cost objects and their distribution percentage. The maximum number of cost objects that the system allows is ten per requisition line item.

Once submitted, the requisition along with the cost object distributions will move to the Requisition Approver inbox as normal. Additionally, the cost object information will be available through the Find Requisition Look Ups feature.

This new functionality will allow for easier “splitting” or distributing of expenses to the appropriate cost objects. SAPweb users who commonly distribute expenses across multiple cost objects will find this new feature convenient while streamlining their workflow.

The change applies to SAPweb Internal and External requisitions. This new functionality does not apply to eCat orders.

For questions, please contact procurement@mit.edu.

SAPweb Requisitions: Auto-populate Contact Information

Keen observers may notice a subtle change to contact information that is auto-populated when submitting a requisition. Moving forward, the fields “Requisition Created for,” “Goods Recipient,” and “Unloading Point” will be pulled from the MIT directory based on Kerberos ID. This change should have very little impact on MIT community members but will help streamline SAPweb internal operations.

Previously, the contact name was a combination of letters based on first and last name. The “Unloading Point/Bldg.-Rm/Phone” information was blank and requisitioners were required to enter their campus address and phone.

Questions regarding this change can be sent to procurement@mit.edu.

Preferred and Partner Suppliers

As a reminder, MIT encourages the use of our preferred and partner suppliers. These vendors were selected through a formal sourcing process resulting in a multi-year contract
 with negotiated terms and conditions favorable to MIT. They are committed to the relationship with MIT,
 offering the highest quality in goods and services, as well as best pricing and value.

Dine and Save with Your MIT ID

The Kendall Hotel in Cambridge is the latest preferred hotel to offer MIT employees and students a discount on meals. A 10% discount will apply to your dinner at the Black Sheep Restaurant upon presentation of your MIT ID (not valid for parties of 6+). Other preferred hotels offering discounts on meals when an MIT ID is presented are the Marriott Hotel Cambridge (10% at Champions) and the Le Meridien (10-15% at Sidney’s Grille).