Cognos Travel Reports

Cognos travel reports provide access to travel expenses before they post in SAP. This suite of travel reports allows financial administrators to better predict what data in Concur will post in SAP. This information will help with expense projections and awareness of transactions that may require further attention. The reports also help to identify the parties responsible for ensuring unexpensed activity in Concur is posted in a timely manner.

Direct link to Cognos Travel Reports >>

For more information on utilizing the reports, a quick card PDF has been developed. The quick card provides details on navigating the reports, filtering options, and other general tips for getting started.

Cognos Travel Reports Quick Card >>

Authorization to View Unassigned Expenses

Authorization to view a traveler’s unassigned expenses is controlled by the “view rights” on the cost object tied to the traveler’s credit card. A financial primary authorizer can make changes to the view rights in SAP if needed. A quick card has been developed to guide the authorization process.

Authorization Quick Card >>

For questions about the process or to find the primary authorizer associated with a particular card, DLC administrators should contact

Travel Expense Reporting

Administrators of travel expenses can impact the effectiveness of the Cognos Travel Reports. Accurate projections depend upon the timely accounting of charges.

Expense Reporting Tips:

· Create reports and assign charges as they post in Concur

· Once the trip is completed, submit the trip to Concur

Following these tips will reduce the number of Dunning notices related to future travel.

For questions or assistance regarding the new Cognos reports, please contact

Firefox: Trouble with Reports

To ensure proper functioning of Excel Cognos reports, disable pop-up blocking in Firefox. The pop-up setting in Firefox can be found here: Tools-Options-Contents. Uncheck the box for Block Pop-Up Windows, and click the OK button.

PDF reports should work fine without adjusting the pop-up settings.