eCAT 3

The MIT eCAT 3 purchasing portal provides an efficient and user friendly experience for purchasing products from both partner and non-partner suppliers.The eCAT 3 portal streamlines the purchasing process by bringing suppliers together in one place, provides the capability to search and compare hosted supplier products, allows users to create and maintain supplier favorite lists and allows any MIT requisitioner to access the site via their MIT certificate and a one-time profile set up.

The automated workflow of eCAT 3 reduces the time and effort it takes to create a requisition and generate a purchase order. This reduction in time and effort translates into real cost savings to the Institute. Other savings include reduction in cycle time, ordering errors, returns and accuracy of purchase order price and invoice data.

eCAT 3 currently contains 90 suppliers and developments are underway to add new suppliers over the coming months. Developments are also underway to enable additional suppliers for the electronic data interchange (EDI) of invoices, which will maximize reductions in time and effort to reconcile purchase orders and invoices.

To assist with the navigation of the eCAT 3 interface, training resources are available shortly on the eCAT 3 website. The website features a training manual, FAQs, and online tutorials to help you get started. Online tutorials also help you set up your profile and guide you through basic navigation for using the portal.

Please email if you have suggestions for new suppliers, questions, comments or require additional assistance.