Acquiring an MIT Procurement Card and Using the Card

Apply for an MIT Procurement Card (ProCard) >>

The ProCard application instructions are now listed on page one of the ProCard Application form.

Applying for a ProCard Includes:

  • Submitting the ProCard application (with signatures)
  • Submitting the ProCard agreement form
  • Completing the online training course

After submission of the above forms and completion of the training, the Procurement Card will be distributed to applicants. Application processing should take approximately seven to ten days.


Using the Card

The card is an easy way to make small dollar purchases. It does not avoid or change any of the normal guidelines for good purchasing practice in accordance with MIT Policies and Procedures. The restrictions are listed in the cardholder responsibilities section.

Use it just as you would a personal credit card, except that this card is exclusively for MIT purchases. All charges made will be paid by MIT and charged to your specified cost object(s). You may buy things in person, by phone, mail or fax. When you use the card you should:

  • Identify yourself as an MIT employee;
  • Ask about educational discounts;
  • Give the MIT tax exempt number printed on the front of your card. If you are charged tax, contact merchant for credit;
  • Give accurate and complete shipping instructions, including your building-room number and loading dock location;
  • Keep the paper record. Packing slips, cash register receipts, sales receipts, and/or any other proofs of purchase are the only paper record of the specific purchase. If you fail to keep records, your card may be revoked;
  • If you lose the receipt, call the vendor for a copy (vendors are required to supply you with a receipt);
  • Give the proof of purchase paper(s) to your verifier.