Import/Export Polices & Procedures


When importing items into the United States, be aware that MIT has a Temporary Import Bond (TIB) on file with the U.S. Customs Office. For assistance with all import transactions, contact the broker of record for MIT. Carmichael International Service, 140 eastern ave Chelsea, MA 02150. For assistance, contact Gloria Fugere Fax 617-887-0247.


When exporting items out of the United States a bond is not required. However, export control laws may apply. The Office of Sponsored Programs administers export control laws for MIT. The contact at OSP is David Quimby, 617-253-2822

When temporarily (up to one year) exporting items into certain foreign countries, a carnet may be used to eliminate value-added taxes (VAT), duties, posting of security and to simplify the customs procedures. Procedures and forms for obtaining a carnet can be obtained from the Roanoke Trade Website. The website for United States Council for International Business (ATA Carnet Export Service) also provides helpful information about the carnet and goods covered under the carnet. Prior to signing the power of attorney required with carnets, the DLC is responsible for coordinating with OSP to insure that any required export licenses have been obtained. The contact at OSP is David Quimby, 617-253-2822.

All costs associated with using a broker and applying for carnets are borne by the DLC obtaining the benefit of the services.

For further information about U.S. Customs matters contact Tony Flaherty, 617-253-8268. The United States Bureau of Customs and Border Protection website is also a good resource.