General Purchasing

General purchases include purchases for standard products and services that do not require additional departmental approval. Purchases for standard products and services require an authorized MIT purchase order or MIT Procurement Card. MIT cannot guarantee payment of unauthorized purchases.

The Procurement Department endorses the purchase of recycled products known as Green

Below are methods used to purchase goods and services:

Procurement Credit Cards

Used for purchases of approved items less than $3,000. See the Procurement Card site.

Internal Providers

MIT in-house departments that provide goods and/or services available for the MIT community. See
Internal Providers list.

ECAT Purchase Orders

Orders placed by the MIT customer directly to our ECAT vendors. The user creates an online
shopping cart then sends the order to SAPweb for requisition creation. Once a requisition is
generated and approved, the order is electronically transmitted to the supplier for fulfillment. This
process includes electronic invoicing. See more about ECAT.

Standard Purchase Order

A document created from the Purchase Requisition to purchase all goods, services, equipment or
materials from external suppliers. See the SAPweb site.

Blanket Purchase Order

A document created from the purchase requisition when purchasing goods, services or materials that
will be shipped periodically for a specific amount of time. The blanket order is set up under one cost
object; however, charges can be reallocated on each invoice. This order usually remains open for a
specific period of time, not greater than one year, normally the fiscal year, July 1 through June 30. When a blanket order is processed, the quantity units and price must be reversed. This allows SAP to pay multiple invoices against your order until the maximum amount is reached.