Complex Contracts

Complex contracts include contracts for major equipment, professional services, consultants, independent contractors, software licenses, research and development, and any other area where the terms and conditions of an agreement are other than standard commercial terms and conditions. Services include the application of government regulations and flow down of government clauses to specific contracts funded by government sources.

Major equipment purchases are defined as those with a total value greater than $25,000 regardless of the unit prices. Specific policies regarding the purchases of equipment can be found in the Procurement Policies and Procedures manual, Section 3.0.

Procedures for purchases of consultant services or independent contractors are contained in the Procurement Policies and Procedures manual, Section 4.15.

Software licenses, other than shrink-wrap, must be reviewed and signed by the Office of Intellectual Property prior to a purchase order being issued. We can assist you in coordinating this process and then will incorporate the approved license into a resulting purchase order.

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