7.0 Salary Distribution Change Requests

Updated March 29, 2011

The Office of the Vice President for Finance (VPF) is responsible for reviewing and making decisions on requests for distribution changes beyond the 90-day window after the end of a quarter. Retroactive salary changes impacting time periods more than six months past the end of the eSDS review period will be approved for transfer on an exception basis when VPF can determine that these costs are allowable.

7.1 Late Salary Distribution Change Process


After the period for DLCs to make electronic changes to payroll distribution has passed (i.e., beyond 90 days past the end of the quarter), the DLC decides that salary redistribution is required.


The DLC fills out the Late Change Request form via the web and submits it for review.


A late change reviewer then reviews the request on behalf of the VPF and either:


Forwards the form and a preliminary recommendation regarding approval to the VPF, or


Contacts the DLC for additional information and adjustment.


After the form is forwarded to the VPF Late Salary Team, a decision is made regarding the request and:


If approved, the request is forwarded to Payroll for processing with a copy to the requestor as notification.


4.1.1 Payroll updates SAP accordingly per Payroll feed.
4.1.2 Status of request is updated and will be reflected in the submitter's inbox.


Or, if the request is not approved, notification of the declined request is sent to the DLC requester by the Late Salary Team and the status of the request will be reflected in the inbox.

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