6.0 DLCs Best Practices and Recommended Procedures

  • It is recommended that DACCAs be reviewed in the first month following the end of the quarter and certified if all charges are deemed correct before the eSDS deadline (generally by the 25th of the month). If charges are identified that are not correct, the distribution should be corrected in eSDS during the first month.
  • It is expected that certification will be completed by 60 days (two months) after the end of the quarter. For all DACCAs not certified by the end of the first month, the DACCA should be reviewed again in the second month, to ensure that all needed changes were processed, and should be certified as final by the last day of the second month.
  • We continue to strongly encourage the monthly review of salary expenses by DLC administrators as outlined in MIT’s Financial Review and Control (FRC) procedures.