1. VPF Offices To Be Closed for Two Events in June
2. Revised Tagging and Control Policy for Minor Equipment
3. Revised Certification Statement for DACCAs (Salary Distribution Reports)
4 Eight Percent EB Rate for Unregistered Students Starting in FY09
5. DHL Smart Ship Website Saves Time and Paper
6. Protecting "Personally Identifiable Information" (PII) in MIT Business Transactions
7. Contract with Courtyard Marriott, Cambridge for MIT Business
8. Quick Delivery of Selected Herman Miller Office Furniture
9. Closing Workshops and FY2008 Closing Schedule
10. Payroll Office Contacts
11. Contact Information – When You Need Help

1. VPF Offices To Be Closed for Two Events in June
All service areas within the Office of the Vice President for Finance will be closed on Monday, June 16 from 1:45 pm until 4:00 pm for a quarterly staff meeting. In addition, our offices will be closed on Monday, June 23 from 12:30 until 3:00 pm for our Infinite Mile Celebration Luncheon.

This includes Payroll, Travel, Cashier’s, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Procurement, Lincoln Fiscal Office, Budget and Finance.

On June 16 and June 23, the Payroll Office will extend walk-in hours until 5:00 pm. We ask you to please note these closure times and plan accordingly. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.

2. Revised Tagging and Control Policy for Minor Equipment
Effective July 1, 2008, MIT’s Property Office is changing its tagging and control policy for minor equipment purchased by or gifted to MIT. Minor equipment is defined as equipment items with an acquisition cost of less than $3,000.

With this change, only computers (including laptops and servers) with an acquisition cost greater than $1,000 and charged to general ledger account 421827 (minor equipment) will be tagged and entered into the property database. All other laboratory, test, office and general purpose minor equipment will not be identified and tagged. This change does not affect MIT’s Equipment Capitalization Policy, the tagging and control of capital equipment, or minor equipment where sponsors require tracking.

Information regarding this change and equipment capitalization may be found at the Property Office web site .

3. Revised Certification Statement for DACCAs (Salary Distribution Reports)
In response to concerns raised by the MIT community, we are revising the certification language that appears on the monthly and quarterly printed and electronic DACCAs. The following revised wording will appear on July DACCAs for the new fiscal year:

Revised Certification Statement: I have reviewed the information contained in the DACCA. I certify the charges are correct, with any exceptions communicated to my DLC administrator, in accordance with the Institute’s certification policies.

Current Certification Statement: I have reviewed the information contained in the quarterly DACCA and certify that the charges are correct or that I have communicated any changes needed to my eSDS Administrator. I will certify the changes I've requested have been made and are correct on the next quarterly DACCA.

The salary certification policy can be found at:

4. Eight Percent EB Rate for Unregistered Students Starting in FY09
Beginning in FY2009, salaries for students – including UROPs - who are not registered, but are employed at MIT will be charged an 8% Employee Benefit (EB) rate. This change was mandated by MIT’s federal auditors. The 8% EB rate will be applied to undergraduate students working during the summer. Department administrators will see the 8% EB rate using the following new payroll G/L accounts beginning with their July 2008 financial statements:

400755 - MIT Students-On-Reduced EB
400759 – MIT Students-Off-Reduced EB
400769 – Undergrad S&W UROP-On-Reduced EB
400771 – Undergrad S&W UROP-Off-Reduced EB

This is the second phase of implementing a reduced EB rate to more accurately reflect the benefits costs of non-benefits-eligible employees, visitors, and students. The first phase, in FY2008, was establishing an 8% EB rate for on and off campus part-time employees and visitors. Previously, EB for these employees was charged at full on and off campus rates.

New payroll general ledger (GL) accounts have been created for salaries subject to the reduced EB payroll charges. For a list of all payroll GL accounts, please see:

Currently, the Payroll system automatically applies the reduced EB rate to non-exempt staff and visitors who are non-benefits eligible, but the reduced EB for exempt staff (except visitors) is applied via a manual JV adjustment (trailing one month). The JV moves appropriate salaries from the full on and off campus EB GL accounts to the reduced EB GL accounts. We expect the exempt process to be automated by January 1, 2009, eliminating the JV adjustments.

Please send email to if you have questions, or refer to the “Reduced EB Rate for Part-Time Employees, Visitors and Unregistered Students” policy on the payroll web site:

5. DHL SmartShip Website Saves Time and Paper
Did you know that you can create a DHL airbill, schedule pickup, find dropbox locations (and more) at MIT’s DHL SmartShip web site? The airbill can be printed and attached to your shipment. The airbill contains a bar code, which is scanned by DHL. The scanning eliminates data-entry errors and ensures proper tracking of the shipment. If you are not already using this quick and convenient on-line service, we encourage you to try it the next time you need to ship an item:

6. Protecting "Personally Identifiable Information" (PII) in MIT Business Transactions
As many of you may know, MIT has embarked on a program to inventory all the places at MIT where "personally identifiable information" (PII), such as social security number (SSN), is used in our various business processes, systems, and databases. We say, 'You may know' because we have visited many departments or you may have seen the recent Tech Talk article.

In conjunction with that work, the accounting office has become aware that SSN may be showing up in the text description field of some petty cash transactions. Effective 5/12/08, the Cashier's Office will no longer enter SSN or other PII into SAP for petty cash transactions. Existing SAP transactions will be edited to eliminate SSN number from the line item text.

We ask that everyone be aware that you may be handling sensitive information - consider locking up hardcopy Detail Transaction Reports (DTRs) and/or deleting computer files that you no longer need. If you do inadvertently lose your computer, contact for assistance in evaluating the data loss implications.

If you want to know more about the PII program, or if you are seeing SSN in any "odd" places, please contact

7. Contract with Cambridge Courtyard Marriott for MIT Business
MIT has signed a contract with the Courtyard Marriott at 777 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, for official MIT business. The Eliot Hotel, Boston, the Liberty Hotel, Boston and the Empire Hotel, NY are also recent additions.

MIT is a member of Club Quarters, a full service downtown private hotel for the exclusive use of member organizations. The membership arrangement allows for significant savings (both business and personal) at 13 prime locations in the US and London with no blackout dates (including commencement). Club Quarters will continue to subsidize rates for MIT employees, their friends and families on weekends and holiday periods, offering MIT rates upon request and subject to availability. Usage is crucial in maintaining this contract

Rates are on the travel web site:

Please check the travel web site occasionally for updates and instructions for making reservations. You will need to ask for the MIT rate or the MASCO rate.

8. Quick Delivery of Selected Herman Miller Office Furniture
Small quantities of popular Herman Miller office furniture items are now available with a 2-3 day delivery via Creative Office Pavillion’s MIT Stocking Program. Creative Office Pavilion has been selected as MIT’s primary vendor for Herman Miller office furniture.

The MIT community can view, select, and purchase products through the Creative Office Pavilion /MIT Stocking Program web site: Scroll down to “Furniture” and under Creative Office Pavilion click on “Stocking Program”.

Once you select products for purchase, you need to create an electronic requisition and submit it to Procurement for processing. Please direct questions or problems to MIT’s Creative Office Pavilion’s Account Executive Erik Booth 617-201-3558 or Julie Nyenhuis Showroom Manager 617-348-3221, or Maureen Ahern in the Procurement Office - 617-253-8373.

9. Closing Workshops and FY2008 Closing Schedule
Attention financial administrators: The closing schedule is on line at:

If you are involved in the year-end close for the first time or want a refresher, we encourage you to attend one of the workshops below. You may also find it helpful to review the Top Ten Ways to Get Ready for Closing at

Wednesday, June 11

2:00 - 3:30 pm

Grier Room A
Bldg 34-401A

Tuesday, June 17

10:00 - 11:30am

Stratton Student Center

10. Payroll Office Contacts
As you may know, Charlotte Watson, manager of Payroll, left MIT on May 30. This is to let community members know where to send inquiries and requests previously sent to Charlotte.

  • Payroll-related questions, including timesheets, tax inquiries, salary distribution:
  • Highly confidential or sensitive payroll issues:
    Contact Gillian Emmons,
  • Requests for special checks outside the regular payroll run must now be approved by either Terrill Gadde or Leslie Wright:
    Please email requests to both Terrill and Leslie – and
  • Academic and non-academic employee transactions, graduate student appointments, and hourly positions:
    Contact your Service Center Representative or email

We are working on a transition plan to maintain a consistent level of customer service while we determine the requirements for replacing this key position. On behalf of the VP for Finance, we would like to thank Charlotte for her outstanding contributions to the Institute’s new HR and Payroll system and wish her the best in her new endeavor.

11. Contact Information – When You Need Help

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