1. Interface Between MITSIS and SAP to be Implemented
2. Introduction of New Logic in eSDS for Handling of Suspense
3. Vice President for Finance (VPF) Website
4. Travel to New York City via LimoLiner Motor Coach
5. Processing Fee Reduction for the Travel Collaborative
6. Contact Information – When You Need Help

1. Interface Between MITSIS and SAP to be Implemented
The Graduate Appointments Interface project was launched earlier this year in order to improve the accuracy and processing time of graduate student appointments. The graduate appointments interface will automate the processing of graduate student appointments from the MIT Student Information System (MITSIS) to SAP.

Currently, the data that is input to MITSIS through WebGradAid by DLC administrators is re-keyed within the HR-Payroll Service Center for payroll processing in SAP. This new interface will allow the data that is input to MITSIS through WebGradAid to automatically upload to SAP for processing, eliminating the duplicate data entry of approximately 16,000 actions annually. This new functionality will be provided in two releases.

  • Release 1 will automate new appointments
  • Release 2 will automate processing of updates (changes to existing appointments), cancellations, terminations and exceptions.

It is anticipated that Release 1 will go live in August, 2008 to facilitate automation of fall term appointments.

2. Introduction of New Logic in eSDS for Handling of Suspense
New suspense logic is being introduced to the electronic Salary Distribution System (eSDS )so that when salaries fall into suspense, DLC administrators will see the suspense cost objects reflected in eSDS – that is, the “distribution rule” in eSDS will match the actual salary distribution as shown in eDACCA.

With the change to eSDS, DLC administrators will no longer be able to enter invalid cost objects. If the cost object intended for distribution is closed, or is not valid for the begin date of the distribution, the DLC administrator will be asked to select a valid cost object instead, or to place the salary into suspense.

In addition, if a cost object becomes invalid at a later time (generally due to a change in the begin or end date), the eSDS distribution record will be automatically updated to show that the salary has been moved to suspense.

This change will eliminate the current automatic suspense processing that was intended to automatically update distribution records when cost objects are extended, but which created confusion and difficulties in managing suspense cost objects. This change was widely requested by DLC administrators, and we hope it will result in greater clarity around costs in suspense. We expect these changes to go into effect during the month of August.

3. Vice President for Finance (VPF) Website
Many of you may be aware that the Institute's accounting and financial services have been more fully integrated under the Vice President for Finance (VPF) umbrella over the past year. These organizational changes are now reflected in the VPF website, which was created by extending the former Controller's website to encompass the expanded scope and services of the Vice President for Finance offices.

In the coming months we will be working to further transform the site, adding additional content and resources in our effort to better serve the community. We welcome any input you may have.

(Please note: If a web page on the new VPF site does not display correctly in your web browser, please reload or refresh the page, and the page should appear correctly. Formatting problems can sometimes arise when the browser accesses old website pages stored in the browser cache, which holds recently accessed data for easy retrieval.)

4. Travel to New York City via LimoLiner Motor Coach
When traveling between Boston/Framingham and New York City, travel aboard LimoLiner, a custom built luxury motor coach with daily scheduled round-trip service. Through a special deal with LimoLiner, MIT employees and their families can save 10% off the regular LimoLiner fare. The discount will increase depending upon usage.

LimoLiner features on-board attendant who caters to the passengers, serving light meals, beverages and snacks.LimoLiner is equipped with 28 leather reclining armchairs, WIFI, satellite TV and radio, a strong cell phone signal, and numerous video monitors.

To reserve seats, go to www.LimoLiner.com. Enter MIT’s Corporate Account Code C1038 in the Promo Code box to get the MIT Corporate Rate.

Each paid trip remains eligible for our LimoMiles frequent traveler program. Unrestricted tickets allow itinerary changes without penalty. Cancelled travel reservations will be refunded if desired.

5. Processing Fee Reduction for the Travel Collaborative
We are pleased to announce that the Travel Collaborative processing fees will be reduced effective Monday, June 23, 2008:.

  • Domestic and International tickets from $43 to $36
  • Amtrak from $43 to $30

Please contact Ellen Sico in the Travel Office (esico@mit.edu) if you have questions.

6. Contact Information – When You Need Help

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