1. Your Feedback Requested - Brown Bag Lunch Presentations
2. FY2008 Closing
3. Printing from eDACCA
4. Graduate Student Salary Distribution Report for Academic Administrators Available in Data Warehouse
5. Improvements to Salary Distribution Processing
6. US Airways CAPS Program Offers Travelers to Washington and New York Convenience and Reduced Fees
7. Contact Information – When You Need Help

1. Your Feedback Requested - Brown Bag Lunch Presentations
We are now planning Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) presentations for the upcoming fall term, and would appreciate receiving your feedback. We would like to hear any thoughts you may have regarding format, timing, frequency, location and/or content.

  • Would you like to see the BBL series continue?
  • Is there a more convenient mechanism or better forum for your to receive information presented at these sessions?
  • Is the content delivered at the BBL presentations useful to you?
  • Do you like that these sessions are scheduled during the lunch hour, or would you prefer another time such as 3:00PM?
  • Is the Student Center location convenient for you, or would you prefer an alternate location?

Please send any input you may have to Robin Elices relices@mit.edu

2. FY2008 Closing
As always, thanks to everyone for their efforts in closing the Institute’s books this July. With your help we are close to completing the process of preparing the Institute’s annual financial statements, and our outside auditors, PricewaterhouseCoopers, have begun their audit this week.

We hope to continue to streamline this process, making it as seamless as possible for departments, labs and centers. As always, let us know of any ideas you have on how to improve the process – please write to Gill Emmons, gemmons@mit.edu, with your thoughts.

3. Printing from eDACCA
We have corrected problems with the eDACCA print style sheet in order to address difficulties in printing eDACCAs. Salary distribution data should now print in a larger and more readable format, with complete information that was previously cut-off now printing in its entirety.

4. Graduate Student Salary Distribution Report for Academic Administrators Available in Data Warehouse
A BrioQuery report entitled "Graduate Student Salary Distribution" is available to assist academic administrators in viewing cost distributions for graduate students. A new role, RPT ON DACCA FOR GRAD ADMIN , was recently created in the Roles Database with a corresponding role in the Data Warehouse. Graduate student academic administrators have been given authorizations to run the report, which is available at:


Academic administrators may also find other existing reports that will be beneficial, which can be accessed with these new authorizations, at the above address. If you experience difficulties with your authorizations, please send email to business-help@mit.edu if you have any questions about the reports or the data, please send email to warehouse-help@mit.edu, and the Data Warehouse team will be happy to assist you.

5. Improvements to Salary Distribution Processing
The program that works with SAP to distribute exempt salaries to cost objects has been revised to alleviate a number of issues, including problems involving eSDS and data extracted to the Data Warehouse.

One of the enhancements is the introduction of new suspense logic to eSDS so that when salaries fall into suspense, DLC administrators will see the suspense cost objects reflected in eSDS. This change is being made to respond to community input, and will eliminate the current automatic suspense processing that was intended to automatically update distribution records when cost objects are extended, but which created confusion.

Another change is that the reduced EB for on and off campus part-time exempt employees will be applied directly, whereas now a manual JV adjustment is processed (trailing one month). New general ledger (GL) accounts have been created for salaries subject to the reduced EB charges, and you will see these new GL accounts appear automatically for non benefits eligible staff members.

This completes the automation of reduced EB for all employee categories – reduced EB for students was automated in July 2008 and in July 2007 for non-exempt employees.

If you encounter any unexpected difficulties or see anything unusual while using eSDS, eDACCA or Data Warehouse reports including salary distribution information after August 16, please notify us by sending email to payroll@mit.edu.

6. US Airways CAPS Program Offers Travelers to Washington and New York Convenience and Reduced Fees

MIT has a contract with US Airways that permits purchase of discounted day-of-departure shuttle tickets to Washington DC (DCA) or New York (LGA) at the kiosk.

  • The CAPS program gives registered members the benefit of no booking fees and advance purchase requirements with quick walk-up purchases.
  • Tickets are purchased at the kiosks, conveniently located in BOS, DCA and LGA.
  • In order to participate in the CAPS program, you must enroll in Dividend Miles, create a Dividend Miles profile and include a registered credit card.
  • Once you are registered, just go to the US Airways Kiosk, swipe your registered credit card and purchase your ticket.

Please go to https://controllers.mit.edu/travel/partners/airlines_rail_limoliner/us_airways_corporate_account_program_caps

and click on Dividend Miles profile and Kiosk

7. Contact Information – When You Need Help

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