1. No Brown Bag Lunch in March
2. New Verizon Wireless Discounts
3. Proxy Billing for Telephone/Network Services Started in February 2008
4. Contact Information – When You Need Help

1. No Brown Bag Lunch in March
There will be no Brown Bag Lunch in March. We will send out a communication when our next community forum is scheduled, so please stay tuned.

2. New Verizon Wireless Discounts
The MIT Procurement Department and Information Services and Technology are pleased to announce new discounts on Verizon Wireless monthly access fees. Starting February 11, 2008, Verizon Wireless will apply the new discount rates to existing accounts. The new discount rates will also appear on the Verizon Wireless MIT ECAT website.

The new discounts are as follows:

  • MIT Corporate accounts: 19% off the monthly access fee
  • MIT Employee/Student accounts: 17% off the monthly access fee

Wireless Broadband modems and PC cards for corporate use are now eligible for the 19% MIT Corporate discount. For information on discounts from all vendors, please visit http://web.mit.edu/ist/topics/telecommunications/cellphone-discount.html Note that an MIT certificate is required to access this information.

3. Proxy Billing for Telephone/Network Services Started in February 2008
Beginning in FY2008 most telephone and network services started to be billed on a new proxy pricing methodology. DLCs are now being billed based on an annual proxy calculation, instead of individual monthly charges, for the following telephone and network services:

  • IP address
  • Private subnet
  • Analog or ISDN telephone
  • Long distance and international calls
  • Tether

The proxy rate for FY2008 is $1,275 annually or $106.25 monthly. The first charges for FY2008, posted in February 2008, cover the period July 2007 through February 2008. Subsequent charges will be billed monthly at the rate of $106.25 per proxy and will continue at this rate until next fall/winter when the FY2009 proxy calculation is completed.

This new telephone and network proxy charge appears on your Detail Transaction Report (DTR) under two new g/l accounts, below.The g/l accounts used previously will not be closed because they may continue to be used to bill for other services.


G/L Account




Telephone and Network Proxy – Services



Telephone and Network Proxy – Equipment Not MTDC



Information Services and Technology (IS&T) has worked closely with the AO of each DLC to identify the appropriate proxy and cost objects to charge for these services. If you have any questions, please contact your AO. If changes are required, please email telecom-csr@mit.edu.

The Budget Office will re-allocate budgets so that no DLC pays more than 110% of what they paid for the same services in FY2007. These adjustments will be made after the initial charges hit SAP and DLCs have had chance to review them to make any necessary changes. As soon as those changes are reflected in SAP and change requests appear to be completed, the Budget Office will make appropriate budget adjustments. Those changes will be reflected in budgets for both FY2008 and FY2009. If you have any questions, please contact John Donnelly (jdonnely@mit.edu).

4. Contact Information – When You Need Help

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