Business Travel Accident Insurance

MIT Business Travel Accident Insurance

MIT’s Business Travel Accident Insurance policy provides benefits for MIT faculty, staff and students, while traveling (domestic and international) on Institute business, for emergency medical evacuation, accidental death, dismemberment, and repatriation expenses. Coverage for acts of war, due to declared or undeclared war, is excluded for domestic travel or for travel to one’s home country. Coverage for business travel by faculty and staff to countries which are designated on MIT’s Travel Risk Policy by “Highest Travel Warning” at the time of travel, is extended only if the trip is approved by the appropriate MIT decision maker(s), pursuant to the terms of MIT’s Travel Risk Policy.

Employees traveling to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran or Somalia may be responsible for paying the additional war risk premium assessed at the time of Business Travel Accident renewal. Please notify the Insurance office prior to your trip. For “High” or “Highest Travel Warning,” students must obtain a waiver from the Chancellor, upon recommendation by the appropriate Dean, to ensure the trip is supported by MIT and coverage is extended. Please refer to the for more information. MIT Travel Risk Policy

Please Note: Travel to Cuba must be reported to Insurance Office at least two days prior to departure.

Policy Number:



Federal Insurance Company

Policy Period:

April 1, 2015 through April 1, 2018

Persons Insured:

  • Class 1& 2: All Full-time Employees of the Policyholder classified as Executive
    Officers, All Members of the Academic Council and Lincoln Laboratory Steering Committee who are in active service.
  • Class 3: All active employees and staff including faculty while on sabbatical, Graduate students while on sponsored research projects and volunteer alumni on the business of the policyholder excluding executive officers, MIT Academic Council members, Lincoln Laboratory Steering committee members, students and non-employee subcontractors of the policyholder.
  • Class 4: All Students of the Policyholder participating in approved Policyholder functions under the supervision or with the authorization of the Policyholder.

Spouses and Dependents: Lawful spouses and dependent children, while accompanying member (all classes) on MIT business trip.

Benefit Amounts:

  • Class 1 & 2 $1,000,000, 24-hour coverage
  • Class 3: 5 X Salary, $250,000 minimum/$1M maximum (Benefit determination – Salary basis is same as determined by HR policy for supplemental life insurance. Contact HR benefits representative for assistance with salary basis determination.)
  • Class 4: $100,000

Spouses and Dependents(all classes): $50,000 for spouses, $25,000 for dependents

Dismemberment Benefit: May be a percentage of the scheduled benefit depending on the injury

Benefits Included:

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Permanent Total Disability – 12-month waiting period from the date of the accident; disability must occur, and be continuous, within 180 days of the date of accident.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation – In the event of a medical emergency, when a Covered Member so requests, and a physician designated by International SOS, in consultation with a local attending physician, determines that it is medically necessary for a Covered Member to be transported under medical supervision, to a different hospital or treatment facility, or be repatriated to his/her place of residence for treatment, International SOS will arrange and pay for the medical evacuation or repatriation under proper medical supervision.

As part of a medical evacuation, International SOS will also make all necessary arrangements for ground transportation to and from the hospital, as well as pre-admission arrangements, where possible, at the receiving hospital.

All decisions as to the medical need for evacuation and/or repatriation, the means and/or timing of any evacuation, the medical equipment and the medical personnel to be used and the final destination are medical decisions which will be made by International SOS' designated physicians, in consultation with a local attending physician, based on medical factors, and their decisions shall be conclusive in determining the need for such services.

International SOS must make all arrangements and must authorize all expenses, in advance, for any benefits to be paid under this Policy.

From anywhere in the world, call 215-942-8226

  • Repatriation of Remains – In the event that a Covered Member dies while on a covered trip, International SOS will arrange and pay for all necessary costs associated with the preparation and transport of the remains to the Covered Member’s place of residence for burial, up to the scheduled benefit amount for repatriation of remains.

NOTICE: This is only a summary of the MIT Business Travel Accident Policy.
Please consult the MIT Insurance Office for additional information.

*Immunizations: As soon as you decide on your international destination, visit or call the MIT Travel Clinic at 617-253-4488 to make a travel health appointment. Do this early since some immunizations need to be administered several weeks before departure. The MIT Travel staff can alert you to current health conditions of your destination as well as nearby countries; you may want to explore the area and immunization requirements for entry vary.