Certificates of Insurance

All requests for Certificates of Insurance shall be emailed or directed to the attention of Damual Greaves, Claims Adjuster/Insurance Specialist, in the Office of Insurance. The Certificate of Insurance will indicate MIT’s insurance company, policy number, limits and expiration date. All requests for certificates should indicate the event, or a description of the property leased, value (if applicable), time period, location and any other pertinent information. The request should include the name and contact person from MIT and the address, organization, email or fax number (if urgent), etc., to where the certificate should be sent. Please allow sufficient time for MIT’s insurance broker to be notified and issue the requested certificate.

For requests of Certificate of Insurance made by MIT (other than Facilities) from contractors and other firms doing business with MIT, the following guidelines should be followed:

  1. MIT should be reflected as the Certificate Holder and Additional Insured and should be named specifically as being entitled to at least 30 days written notice in the event of cancellation or restrictions in the insurance coverage;
  2. The Certificate should reflect current dates of coverage. If the certificate is due to expire while the firm will still be conducting business with MIT, a new certificate should be requested;
  3. Proof of Commercial General Liability and Workers’ Compensation coverage are almost always desirable. Automobile and Host Liquor Liability (e.g., food vendors) should be requested where applicable; and,
  4. Standard levels of liability coverage that should be carried by companies doing business with MIT (and reflected on the Certificate of Insurance) are:
  • (a) Bodily injury $1 Million per person, $1 Million annual aggregate;
  • (b) Property Damage $1 Million; and,
  • (c) Lower limits may be appropriate for small vendors. Higher limits will be requested for high-risk activities or high contract values. Contact the Office of Insurance for additional information.