Automobile Registrations

Refer to Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (“RMV”) for general information regarding procedures, hours of operation, and locations.

The Property Office must be notified, by the departments on a timely basis of the purchase, trade-in, or elimination of any vehicle (or trailer) from any department’s fleet of vehicles. The information provided to the Property Office should include: (1) Make; (2) Model; (3) Year; and, (4) Use of Vehicle.

The original title for a newly purchased vehicle, including new “used” vehicles, should be submitted to the Property Office.

Each department is responsible for the registration of their own vehicles. Department Heads, AOs, or other authorized MIT staff may sign the registration application. Applications should reflect MIT, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building NE18-901, as the vehicle owner and address. Vehicle registration applications (new – RMV1; renewals – RMV3) may be obtained from the RMV. Registration forms are not currently available online but may be available from the RMV fax service (1-866-627-7768). The registration application needs to be completed, stamped by MIT’s insurance broker, and submitted (or hand delivered) with the appropriate fee to the RMV.

Insurance Broker:

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. of Massachusetts, Inc. (“AJG”)
2 Liberty Square, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02109
Attn: Matt Daly
Direct Line: 617-531-7764
Alternate Line: 617-531-7707
Fax: 617-531-7730


Checks must accompany any new or renewal applications that are mailed to AJG, with instructions to forward to the RMV. If the proper payment is not forwarded to AJG, they will return the stamped registration form for the department’s submittal.

For tracking purposes, anyone purchasing a vehicle from a dealer or registering a car for MIT via THE DRIVE program should request the dealer include the department name and contact name on the faxed slip they send to Arthur J. Gallagher.

Directions to AJG (for time-sensitive registrations):

  • Take the Red Line to South Station: (about .47 miles from South Station)
  • Walk out front door and go straight towards Rowes Wharf Hotel
  • Turn left onto Pearl Street
  • Turn right onto Milk Street, 2 Liberty Square is located on Milk Street

Should you need further assistance, please contact Sarah Voigt.