Frequently Asked Questions

How does a department get reimbursed for damaged or stolen MIT Property?

View the Thefts and Property Damage section.

Does MIT insure the personal property of MIT faculty, staff or students?

No, the personal property of MIT faculty, staff and students is not insured by MIT. Personal property is brought to MIT premises at the owner's risk.

What is the reimbursement procedure for damage to/loss of government-owned equipment?

Check with the Office of Sponsored Programs regarding a release from accountability, and possible funding for repair or replacement.

How do I request a Certificate of Insurance (evidence of coverage) from MIT?

View the Certificates of Insurance section.

How do I register/renew the registration for an MIT vehicle?

View the Automobile Registrations section.

Is MIT property covered for loss or damage while in transit or stored at another location?

If a member of the department has been given permission to use MIT equipment at other than its permanent location, permission should be in writing and on record with the Property Office and the Office of Insurance, in the event of a loss.

Should I waive the insurance coverage provided by the rental car agency if I rent a vehicle for MIT business?

View the Automobile Rentals section.

What information is required to file a report for damage to an MIT-owned or rented vehicle?

View Automobile Accidents section.

What's the difference between ISOS travel assistance services and MIT's Business Travel Accident Insurance?

Please see a comparison prepared by the MIT Insurance Office >> (PDF)

Does MIT insure me for the use of my personal vehicle while on MIT business?

MIT extends automobile liability coverage above the driver's personal automobile policy. No coverage is provided for the damage to the individual's vehicle, deductibles, surcharges, parking or moving violation citations. With the exception of normal commuting activities. MIT faculty and staff are covered by worker's compensation for injuries suffered while driving their vehicles on MIT business.

Is shipping insurance available through the Insurance Office?

Please see the Shipping Insurance section of this website.

Is there a deductible for Zipcar through our business membership?

There is a $750 deductible under the business membership with Zipcar. However, in accordance with MIT auto claims DLC’s are still only responsible for the first $500 for at fault accidents. DLC’s have the choice to buy down there deductible if they do not want to be held responsible for the $500 if at fault for the accident.

What Accident Report form should I fill out?

There are two Accident Report forms available in the Insurance Office. The RMV Accident Report form must be filled out if the accident takes place off campus and damages total more than $1000. The MIT Accident report form is to be filled out if accident takes place on campus or damages total less than $1000.

Links to both forms: