Meetings Expense

Meetings expense are entered in G/L accounts two ways:

  • All food and beverage expenses for meetings are charged to one general ledger account - 421000, Meetings - Food and Beverages. General ledger account 421000 should be used for the purchase of all food and/or beverages associated with a meeting. Expenses for meetings, retreats, seminars, symposia, workshops or events, including food and beverages, may be allowabe costs on a federal award unless the sponsor expressly states otherwise. But in order for the expense to be allowable, the meeting's primary purpose must be dissemination of technical information beyond MIT. The meeting must also be necessary and reasonable for successful performance of the federal award. Standard group meetings in which information is shared among laboratory members do not qualify as allowable costs.
  • General ledger account 421010, Meetings - Materials and Supplies, should be used for materials and supplies that are purchased for meetings. Expenses that are categorized in this general ledger account WILL BE recoverable from the federal government unless they are not allowed by the specific award.

Procurement and the VPF will review invoices and requisitions to ensure the meeting expenditures are MIT business related. For direct charges to WBS elements, care should be taken by the DLC that the specific charge is allowable on the sponsored project to which the charge is being made.

To substantiate the business purpose of the meeting expenditures, departments are still required to provide the following:

  • The purpose of the meeting (i.e., content of discussion);
  • A list of the attendees (names or group association) present at the meeting;
  • Itemized receipts with requests for payments;
  • The date and location of the meeting, if it is not self-evident.