3.8 Telecom Charges

Telecommunications Charges

General Description:

MIT's computerized telephone switch accumulates information about the usage of each telephone extension and the level of service provided. At each month end, the billing cost object identified for each telephone extension is billed for that month's accumulated charges.

SAP Document Types: ST (Telecommunications)

Central MIT Controls:

MIT has a strong policy (see 13.2.3) regarding personal use of telephone and network access resources. The policy has been communicated and discussed widely, and numerous training opportunities have been provided to support implementation of the policy. Most telephones are in offices and labs that are kept locked when not in use.

Level of Risk: Moderate

Transactions are low cost, but high volume, and therefore difficult and time-consuming to monitor.

Documentation to Retain: None required.

DLC Tasks:


  1. (AOs) Periodically remind staff of MIT's policy (see 13.2.3) regarding personal use of telephones, and review phone call use periodically.
  2. For phones in public areas, use long-distance call blocking, if appropriate.


Review telephone charges for appropriateness and reasonableness. Detailed telephone data is available in the Data Warehouse; queries have been developed to look at unusual charges (those over a certain length or dollar amount).

Contact for Questions: The Telecommunications Office.

Updated 5/22/12