3.6 Travel

General Description:

Travel charges and travel reimbursements are processed in Concur and recorded in SAP.

SAP Document Types: KT (Travel), TR (Travel Auto Posting), and TS (Travel Manual Posting).

Central MIT Controls:

All requests for travel reimbursements must be reviewed and signed/approved by an authorized individual in the DLC. The traveler cannot be the approver. The Concur system identifies the approver based on the cost object. Approvers review expenses for reasonableness and compliance with MIT policies and sponsored agreement restrictions. Travel audits all high risk transactions including those involving sponsored accounts.

Level of Risk: Low.

Documentation to Retain:

Receipts or invoices, packing slips, or other evidence of receipt, if applicable for charges over $75 except local travel and meetings, hotels, airfare, rental cars, and rail (for current FY plus one additional FY).

DLC Tasks:


  1. DLC staff should check to make sure that travel is allowed on research agreements before approving an expense report.
  2. Each traveler should file their travel report within two weeks of the end of the trip.
  3. For MIT's complete travel guidelines, including information about how to deal with "code sharing" situations, see the travel policy. Some sponsor regulations relating to foreign travel are complex, and the practice of airline "code sharing", where one airline can issue tickets for a block of seats on another airline's plane, makes it more difficult to show that the travel is allowable.


Review travel charges for reasonableness and to ensure that charges are coded properly to this cost object. A BrioQuery/Data Warehouse report, "Travel Charges Review", has been developed to allow for easy focus on travel charges.

Contact for Questions: travelsupport@mit.edu

Updated 6/4/15