3.11 Travel Credit Card

Authorized DLC users can make travel purchases using an MIT Travel Credit Card. These charges include local travel and meetings. Every day, Bank of America sends a feed to the Concur travel expense reporting system. The charges are processed, audited, and approved in expense vouchers, then fed into SAP.

The submitter is responsible for comparing the charge to receipts and other supporting documentation and providing the correct cost object and expense type to allow the charge to post. The system automatically routes to the Concur Travel Approver as defined in Roles who then reviews these charges for reasonableness and compliance with MIT travel policies.

SAP Document Types: TR (Travel Auto Posting) and TS (Travel Manual Posting).

Central MIT Controls:

  1. Only individuals authorized by their DLC administrator can obtain a Travel Credit Card.
  2. The cards have a controlled monthly dollar limit.
  3. The Concur Travel Approvers review all MIT travel transactions for reasonableness. The Concur system automatically routes expense reports to the appropriate approvers based on cost object. Approvers are defined in the Roles database.
  4. The approver is never the individual making the purchase, and has the responsibility to make sure that original receipts are obtained and kept.

Level of Risk: Low.

An approver is reviewing charges against supporting documentation, and allocating the charges to the correct expense types and cost objects in Concur which map to the correct cost objects/GL accounts in SAP.

Documentation to Retain:

Receipts or invoices, packing slips, or other evidence of receipt, if applicable for charges over $75 except local travel and meetings, hotels, airfare, rental cars, and rail (for current FY plus one additional FY).

DLC Tasks:


Traveler or delegate compares travel credit card charges to receipts, scans receipts, and routes to appropriate approvers by cost object for review and approval.


Review travel charges for reasonableness and to ensure that charges are coded properly to this cost object.

Contact for questions: The vendor, or VPF Travel at travelsupport@mit.edu

Updated 6/4/15