Electronic W-2s

Update: Electronic W-2s (eW-2s) are now available through Atlas.

Program Overview: MIT is now making available electronic W-2s to faculty, staff, and students. Similar to ePaystubs, eW-2s are available through Atlas. Members of the community are able to print their eW-2s and access previous W-2s, starting with 2009.

eW-2s are available to all faculty, staff, and students (including union employees), but are not available to retirees, former employees, and students who have graduated (or have otherwise left MIT). The 1042s tax form, which is for foreign nationals, is not available electronically.

Among the benefits of eW-2s over paper W-2s are:

  • Ease of access
  • Available sooner
  • Email when eW-2 is available
  • Eliminates delay due to printing and mailing
  • More secure
  • Access from anywhere with Internet connection, web browser, and MIT web certificate

A difference between eW-2s and ePaystubs is that members of the community will continue to receive paper W-2s unless they consent to electronic-only delivery of their W-2, in accordance with an Internal Revenue Service requirement. Please see the W-2 Disclosure Notice for a detailed explanation of what it means to consent to electronic-only W-2s.

Members of the community have the opportunity to consent to electronic-only delivery of their W-2 by going to Atlas. Benefits-eligible employees may also do so through MIT's Benefits Open Enrollment. Employees who have already consented to electronic-only W-2s but later change their minds and want a paper W-2 may withdraw that consent.

Members of the community are encouraged to consider consenting to electronic-only delivery of W-2s. Reducing the number of printed W-2s will cut the cost of printing and handling of paper forms, save postage, reduce the number of W-2s returned due to incorrect mailing addresses, minimize the need for W-2 reprints from HR/Payroll, and support MIT's green initiative.

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