Electronic Request for Payment

Submitting eRFPs

There are two methods for accessing this service. Which method you use depends on your role in the RFP process:

Administrative staff should access the service through Atlas. When accessed here, the service provides capabilities that are important to administrators, including the ability to submit, approve, and process eRFPs on behalf of departments, labs, and centers (DLCs).

Individual members of the community who are submitting eRFPs for their own out-of-pocket expenses should access the service through the About Me tab in Atlas.

UPDATE: New payment options for reimbursements as of July 2011

VPF on July 6, 2010, launched the new SAPweb Request for Payment (RFP) system, which improves dramatically the process and turnaround time for RFPs. The new easy-to-use online RFP interface includes automatic routing to Accounts Payable and OSP for approvals and functions seamlessly with SAP. It includes logic to assure that submissions include all the necessary information and that they are consistent with MIT policies. The system is accessible to anyone with an MIT web certificate.

Flexible reimbursement choices are available to community members via Reimbursement Preferences on the SAPweb Money Matters tab. Community members may choose:

  • Whether to receive an email notification, with transaction detail attached, whenever MIT directly deposits an RFP or travel reimbursement to their bank account.
  • Whether to have reimbursements directly deposited to a different bank account from their MIT payroll bank account
  • Whether to be reimbursed by check instead of direct deposit, and whether the check is mailed to their home or primary office address.

If no payment preferences are chosen, RFP reimbursements will be deposited directly into the individual’s payroll direct deposit account on file on file in HR/Payroll. If HR/Payroll does not have a direct deposit bank account on file, reimbursements will be via a check mailed to the individual’s home address.

Please note: If an individual is scheduled to receive a direct deposit for an RFP and a direct deposit for a travel reimbursement on the same day, the payments will be bundled into one direct deposit.

VPF and IS&T worked closely with representatives of a cross-section of DLCs to make sure the system is user friendly and aligns with the needs of DLCs.

User Advisory Group

  • Carlene Chisom-Freeman, Student Financial Services
  • Teri Chung, Administrative Services Organization
  • Ann Marie LeBlanc, Sloan School of Management
  • Chris Malnati, Energy Initiative
  • Danforth Nicholas, Department of Mathematics
  • Kariuki Thande, Office of the Dean of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Justin Wade, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Pathway to Progress