Departmental Financial Planning

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Departmental Financial Planning

NOTE: You can create a plan either using the SAP screens or entering data into a spreadsheet. If you are using the SAP screens, start with Create a Plan: Part I. For instructions on completing the spreadsheet, see Create a Plan Using a Spreadsheet.


QUICK GUIDE for Creating a Plan

What is a Plan Version?
Set User Parameters for the MIT Planning Layout
Options for Creating a Plan

Create a Plan Using SAP Screens

Create a Plan: Part I
Go to the Initial Screen
Set Parameters
Create a Plan: Part II
Enter Plan Amounts: Overview Screen
Distribute Across Periods: Period Screen
Save the Plan
Planning for Multiple Fiscal Years
Plan for Multiple Fiscal Years
An Example
Create a Plan Using a Spreadsheet
Create a Plan for Multiple Cost Objects Using a Spreadsheet
Enter Planning Data into Spreadsheet
Format Rules
Save File

Upload Your File
Access SAP Planning Upload
Complete the Planning Upload Screen
View Job Results
View Results for Immediate Processing
View Results for Background Processing
Copy a Plan
Copy a Plan
Go to the Initial Screen
Enter Plan Information
Run the Program
Read the Report
For All Plans
View Plan in Summary Statement
Run the Summary Statement
See Distribution Across Periods
View Plan in Account Managers Report
Run the Account Managers Report
See Distribution Across Fiscal Years
Change a Plan
Change Plan Amounts
Clear Plan Amounts
Delete Plan Amounts
Display a Plan
Select a Plan: Initial Screen
Review the Overview Screen
Review the Period Screen