Frequently Asked Questions

What services are provided by the Cashier?

The Cashier provides services to enable departments, labs, and centers (DLCs) and student groups to collect, deposit and disburse funds in an efficient and secure manner.

The Cashier provides DLCs with the following options to meet their needs:

Cash Deposits

  • The Cashier no longer accepts cash for deposit.
  • DLCs that accept cash are asked to contact Cheryl Whelan (617-253-5426, so they can be set up to deposit cash directly into a Bank of America account.
  • The Cashier will provide those DLCs with banking supplies, including bank deposit books, bags, and department-specific endorsement stamps.
  • The DLCs will be able to deposit cash (and checks -- see below) directly into a Bank of America account at two campus locations: Kendall Square and the Student Center.
  • To record a deposit in SAP and credit the appropriate cost object, DLCs should create a journal voucher upload and send the upload to

Check Deposits

DLCs seeking to deposit checks have two options:

  1. DLCs can send checks via interoffice mail to the Cashier, NE49-3182B, for deposit.
  2. As an alternative, DLCs may ask to be set up to deposit checks directly into a Bank of America account, following the process for cash deposits detailed above.

Individual Petty Cash Reimbursements of up to $50

  • The Cashier strongly recommends that DLCs use the MIT Procurement Card for transactions for which they formerly obtained petty cash. Available from MIT Card Services with approval from the appropriate DLC administrator, the Procurement Card is a convenient way to make small-dollar purchases. It eliminates the need for cash and offers the benefit of consumer protections that accompany credit card purchases.
  • Another, though less efficient, option is to submit a Request for Payment (RFP) to Accounts Payable, which will deposit the funds directly into the bank account designated for direct deposit by the individual submitting the RFP.

Department Petty Cash Fund Reimbursements

  • When the replenishment of a petty cash fund is needed, DLCs should submit a Request for Payment (RFP) to Accounts Payable for reimbursement. Accounts Payable will issue a check made payable to one of two individuals in the DLC who will be designated as fund custodians. The fund custodian(s) will be able to cash the check at Bank of America with no fee or at a personal bank (fees may apply, according to the terms of the account).
  • DLCs that decide their petty cash fund is no longer necessary are asked to contact Cheryl Whelan, (617-253-5426,

Human Subject Reimbursements

  • DLCs that reimburse human subjects should submit a Request for Payment (RFP) to Accounts Payable, which will generate a check for the department that can be cashed at Bank of America with no fee. The details related to reimbursements to individual human subjects must be recorded.

Where do I pick up my payroll or travel advance checks?

  • Travel advance checks may be picked up at NE49 – 4th floor reception desk. You may request that the travel advance check be mailed to the department or traveler by contacting VPF Travel at .