HR/Payroll Monthly Closing Schedule

APRIL, 2014

Electronic Time Entry and Approval Cutoff (by pay period):



Monday - April 7 - 5:00 PM

03/31/14 - 04/06/14

Monday - April 14 - 5:00 PM

04/07/14 - 04/13/14

Tuesday - April 22 - 12:00 PM

04/14/14 - 04/20/14

Monday - April 28 - 5:00 PM

04/21/14 - 04/27/14

Note: Paper time sheets and Requests for Time Sheet Corrections must be received by noon on the Thursday prior to the dates above.

Early timesheet cutoffs due to holidays are in bold.

MONTHLY Employment Transactions (including grad students)

April 18 - 5:00 PM

eSDS Cutoff (by payroll category)

April Cutoffs:


April 22 - 5:00 PM

Weekly paid employees and students

April 29 - 5:00 PM

Monthly paid employees and students

eDACCA Certification

Q3 – FY2014

Open for certification: April 1, 2014

Expected by: May 31, 2014

Certification due by: June 30, 2014

Late Distribution Change Requests

April 15, 2014

Submitted electronically via:

Certificate is required.


The SAPweb applications to enter and approve time are generally unavailable from 5:00 PM Monday until 3:00 PM Tuesday (not including holiday weeks).

This schedule will periodically change due to holidays, special closings, etc. Please be sure to check the HR/Payroll website at the beginning of each month for the Monthly Payroll Closing Schedule.

Weekly payroll processing is normally done on Tuesday's, therefore, please refrain from updating any information through SAPweb for weekly paid employees and students as this may cause a delay in processing.