POOL "A" Fund DESCRIPTIONS: This query will return fund cost objects with and without Fund Descriptions. This report shows Principal and Expendable cumulative and FYTD amounts for invested funds. It includes Pool Units and a Description of the fund's purpose. There are two report tabs: (1) a pivot sorted by Funding Class Description, Pool Code and Cost Collector ID, and (2) a Detail report sorted by Fiscal Period and Pool Code.

BUDGET vs ACTUALS: Generates Budget vs Actuals reports by Profit Center.

BOOK AND MARKET VALUE FUND REPORT: This report shows all Pool A endowment accounts and their current market values. This information is useful in donor relations and by departments for budget purposes. Departments can review unit changes as they occur, and with up-to-date unit balances, they can project expected income on the units for the next fiscal year.

BUDGET AUTHORIZATION: This report displays detail information about budget changes. It is in the same format that is distributed by email monthly to addresses and supervisors of cost objects. Data can be retrieved by specific cost objects or by addressee, supervisor, or school for any fiscal year and period selected. Data will only be retrieved if there has been a budget change in the selected fiscal year and period.

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