Monthly Collection Phone Calls

Based on review of the monthly Aging Report (see ZAR2 - Run aging report by dunning area), A/R personnel will determine which customers have account balances overdue more than 60 days. Each of these customers will be contacted and reminded of their overdue balance.

Note: A/R makes no collection efforts on behalf of Alumni, Benefits Accounting, or CAES, but distributes aging reports to these departments for this purpose. (Aging reports are printed automatically to each department printer.)

A/R Procedure

  • Divide aging reports among A/R staff;
  • Review aging reports;
  • Mark customers requiring reminder calls;
  • For each customer call:
    • Enter the collection (or accounting) notes maintenance screens (see FD02 - Maintain accounting notes);
    • Review previous collection notes;
    • Call customer;
    • Enter new collection notes.