Electronic RFP Service Now Available to Entire MIT Community

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  • Receipts are required. DLCs should include electronic backup with RFP requests. DLCs are required to maintain original receipts for the current plus one fiscal year.
  • Any individual with a Kerberos ID may submit an RFP.
  • Approval of RFPs is tied into the Roles Database.
  • Use the RFP when reimbursing for out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Payment to a supplier (postmaster, subscriptions, memberships and dues, registration fees) may be paid in most cases with an RFP.
  • Payment of speaker fees, honoraria and non-employee awards. Such taxable income must include payee’s permanent address and Social Security number.
  • Employee awards are processed through HR/Payroll.
  • Taxable income for non-resident recipients are subject to federal withholdings. Tax Treaty information and questions regarding withholding tax can be obtained by calling Cathy Cherico, 617-253-2768, or by visiting the IRS website.
  • Reimbursements for food/meetings must include the business purpose of the meeting (topic of discussion), a list of attendees and date and location, if not self-evident.
  • The electronic RFP system may not be used for purchase order-based payments.
  • RFPs may not be used for purchases in the amount of $5,000 or more. Those purchases require a purchase order and must follow the Selection of Source requirements.
  • Reimbursements for computers and laptops at $1000 or more require a purchase order. Reimbursements for servers of $3,000 or more require a purchase order.
  • Services provided by a vendor or a person acting as a vendor, with a cost of $500 or greater, require a purchase order.