Electronic Invoicing

Electronic Invoicing, also known as EDI (electronic data interchange) is a method for paying standard Purchase Order invoices without routing them to the DLC for signature approval. Only purchases with select vendors, listed below, are paid through MIT’s electronic invoicing system.

MIT’s electronic invoicing system “presumes receipt” by the DLC for the goods or services being purchased. Presumed receipt is used for all purchase amounts, unlike the paper invoice process that requires approval above $3,000 on standard purchase orders.

Electronic invoicing reduces the paper handling burden on DLC administrators, increases the efficiency of AP services, and assures prompt payment to vendors, reducing the possibility of vendors placing orders on hold pending payment for other MIT orders.

Note: A percentage of EDI vendor invoices will be processed as paper invoices.

MIT’s vendors with electronic invoicing. For the vendors with hyperlinks below, purchases can be made through MIT's eCat purchasing system.

Agilent Technologies

GE Healthcare

PolySciences, Inc.

Airgas, Inc.



Alfa Aesar



Allied Electronics

Integrated DNA - Technologies

Rainin Instrument LLC

Ambit Press (formerly Minuteman Press)


Red Thread (formerly Office Environments)

AnaSpec Inc

Kurt J. Lesker Company

Roche Applied Science

Apple Inc.


Santa Cruz

Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.

Millipore Corporation



Ambit Press (formerly Minuteman Press)

Staples, Inc.

Bio-Rad Laboratories

MSC Industrial Supply

Strem Chemicals, Inc.

Chemglass Life Sciences


Ted Pella, Inc.


Newark InOne

Thorlabs, Inc.

Dell, Inc.

New England Biolabs

Upchurch Scientific


Newport Corporation

USA Scientific, Inc.

Edmund Optics


VWR Scientific Products

Electron Microscopy- Sciences

PerkinElmer Life- Sciences

Westnet, Inc.

Resolving Vendor Disputes:

VPF’s Sourcing and Procurement representatives advocate on behalf of the MIT community in disputes with vendors. Please contact the Sourcing and Procurement team ( procurement@mit.edu) as they will help resolve issues.