SAPweb Document Attachment for External Requisitions

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In a major evolution of procurement services and a step toward an increasingly digital and sustainable MIT, document attachment for external requisitions is now available in SAPweb. This new functionality will expedite the creation of purchase orders (POs) by connecting requisitions with supporting documentation, all within SAPweb.

When creating an external requisition, there is now an option for submitters to attach forms including vendor quotes, selection of source, contracts, and related documents, together with the requisition. As before, the VPF Sourcing and Procurement team will conduct a standard review of the requisition materials as they are received. Requisitions submitted with the proper documentation and justification will be processed to generate a purchase order. If additional information is needed, a representative will contact the submitter.

Attaching Documents

After creating a SAPweb requisition, the Display Requisition - Receipt page will open allowing submitters to attach electronic documents to their requisition. The attachment tool works by browsing your computer and selecting the designated files. All popular document types are supported including, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .gif, .txt, and .xlsx.

Up to 25 supporting document files can be attached to a requisition. Document files are uploaded one at a time so they can be categorized as, selection of source, vendor quotes, independent contractor form, or other. Defining each file by category allows for quick identification once the requisition has been submitted. The maximum file size for each attached document is two megabytes.

Once the requisition is submitted, documents may be added or deleted before a PO is created. After the PO is created, the supporting documents may only be viewed.

Viewing Attached Documents

Documents uploaded to SAPweb will be visible by the submitter and other authorized individuals. Attached files will be listed on the requisition page and by clicking on the file name, the document will open. Specific authorizations to view documents will be based on the Roles Authorization Database. Only users with spend and commit authority on a cost object will be able to view the supporting documentation.

Supporting Documents

The requirements for supporting documentation depend on the type of purchase, dollar amount, and other factors. For complete details on which supporting documents to attach, please visit this VPF Sourcing and Procurement policies and procedures website.

Retaining Documents

Documents attached to SAPweb requisitions should be retained by the submitter. The SAPweb attachment tool does not replace or change the document retention policies that currently exist in your area.

For questions regarding document attachment for external requisitions, please contact