The Office of Treasury and Planning weighs interrelated factors—including the General Institute Budget, the endowment, economic indicators, and the mission of MIT—in order to provide guidance on strategic decisions.
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The Office of Treasury and Planning manages the non-endowed financial assets of the Institute, manages relationships with our operating and investment banks and rating agencies to provide the debt financing to support MIT’s capital plan, and develops long-range financial models that can be used to help analyze and ensure MIT’s long-term financial sustainability for a wide range of operating and campus development scenarios.

The Office consists of a director and a team of senior financial analysts who collaborate closely with a large cross-section of MIT administrative units including Campus Construction, the Office of the Vice President for Finance, and MITIMCo.

Treasury and Planning team members analyze financial variables and contingencies while developing and applying complex analytical tools to help inform the Institute’s financial decision making.

Representative projects from the Office of Treasury and Planning include:

  • $550 million in Series C Taxable Bonds, maturing in 2114 and yielding 4.678%, the proceeds of which will be used to further advance MIT’s ongoing campus renewal and development program, including academic and research capital projects.
  • In support of MIT 2030, the team has been instrumental in doing the financial modeling of the capital plan to provide the best long-term benefits to the Institute; the comprehensive planning includes renovations to and renewal of MIT’s existing infrastructure, new research facilities, and additional capital developments.


Documents and Publications

The following documents are provided for bondholders and other interested financial parties. 

Bond Documents:


Reports of the Treasurer:

Find current and archived issues of the Report of the Treasurer on the Publications page.



Treasury and Planning Office
77 Massachusetts Ave, NE49-4000
Cambridge, MA 02139

Allen M Marcum
Director of Treasury and Planning

Sean Adams
Senior Financial Analyst

Eileen Francis DesRosiers
Senior Financial Analyst

Allison Parisi
Senior Financial Analyst

Carol Ann Schultz
Office Manager