The listing below provides MIT's sales tax exemption status for all fifty United States and the District of Columbia. These sales tax exemptions have been granted to MIT by the respective states based on our status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The exemption certificates must only be used for Institute business purchases and are not to be used for an personal purchases. Abuse of these exemptions would jeopardize MIT's standing as a recognized non-profit corporation in that particular state.

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Exempt Status

Exempt Number Expiration date
Alabama No    
Alaska N/A No State Sales Tax  
Arizona Yes No number  
Arkansas No    
California No    
Colorado Yes 98-0448 Not stated
Connecticut Yes E-10777 No expiration
Delaware N/A No State Sales Tax  
Florida Yes 85-8012555577C-0 02/29/2020
Georgia No    
Hawaii N/A No State Sales Tax  
Idaho Yes 001034824S Not stated
Illinois Yes E99835487 02/02/2021
Indiana Yes 0111459729 000 9 No expiration
Iowa No    
Kansas Yes KS2FPDL2FH 10/01/2020
Kentucky Yes O A 149264 Not stated
Louisiana No    
Maine Yes E-10239 Not stated
Maryland No    
Massachusetts Yes 042-103-594 10/16/2024
Michigan Yes 042-103-594 Not stated
Minnesota Yes ES-34253 Not stated
Mississippi Yes Authorization letter on file No expiration
Missouri Yes 12876097  
Montana N/A No State Sales Tax  
Nebraska No    
Nevada No    
New Hampshire N/A No State Sales Tax  
New Jersey Yes 042-103-594/000 Not stated
New Mexico Yes   call 617-253-3515
New York Yes Ex114464 No expiration
North Carolina No    
North Dakota Yes E54262 No expiration
Ohio Yes Authorization letter on file No expiration
Oklahoma No    
Oregon N/A No State Sales Tax  
Pennsylvania Yes 75364788 7/21/2022
Rhode Island Yes 3352 Not stated
South Carolina No    
South Dakota Yes 1010-5653-RA No expiration
Tennessee Yes 501(c)3 Exemption document Not stated
Texas Yes EIN 74-3010005 No expiration
Utah Yes ($1,000+) N 20700 Not stated
Vermont Yes 450-0421-3594F-01 Not stated
Virginia Yes SE042103594F03072019 03/07/2019
Washington No    
Washington, D.C. No    
West Virginia Yes 1006-2957 No expiration
Wisconsin Yes ES 43262 No expiration
Wyoming No    

MIT Sales Tax Exemptions by State: Updated 6/29/2017.