Bank and Trade Reference

Buyer Beware

Caveat emptor, or "let the buyer beware," has long been a principle of law for commercial transactions, and the principle remains valid for transactions mediated by electronic media, including the World Wide Web.

When buyers and sellers were dealing with tangible goods, face-to-face, applying the principle was easier. Buying goods on the web makes this a little trickier, but applying some good common sense will reduce your risk. There is no way to completely eliminate all risk from any purchasing activity.

Procurement at MIT: Learning Resources

Learn about buying products and services at MIT at the new learning website >>

Intro to Sourcing and Procurement training presentation >>

Helpful Links

- eCat: MIT's online purchasing system.

- Internal Providers: MIT businesses that provide service to the community.

- MIT Procurement Credit Card: MIT's tool for purchasing authorized products and services directly from suppliers who accept credit cards as a form of payment.

- SAPweb: The web-based front-end to MIT's SAP financial system. This portal allows users to perform many financial and administrative functions including requisitions, journal vouchers and credit card charge verification.

For Procurement Emails:

Procurement Card:

Purchasing Issues:

Purchase Order Closeouts:

For Contracts and Grants

- Air Force FAR Site

- Carnets

- Code of Federal Regulations

- Debarred and Suspended Bidders List

- Federal Acquisition Information

- Federal Acquisition Jumpstation (procurement sites by government agencies)

- Office of Management and Budget Circulars

Hotel Agreements

See Smartbuy under event planning

How to Do Business With a New Supplier

When creating a requisition for a supplier that can not be found in the search area of SAPweb, simply complete the requisition, leaving the vendor information blank. Enter the vendor name, address, telephone, and fax number in the Internal Note field of the SAPweb requisition form. The Procurement Office will add the vendor to the database before processing the requisition.

Some vendors may require bank and trade information prior to doing business with MIT. See the Bank and Trade Reference section above for a pdf file with more information.

Visitor-Contractor Information

MIT is committed to excellence in environmental, health and safety stewardship on our campus and the larger community of which we are a part. We are committed to protecting all visitors to adhere to our EHS policies and procedures at all times. To assist in this, a brief summary of key information as been prepared for your review at the EHS webite. Please review this before you come on to campus and periodically thereafter and adhere to these requirements.

For your use, a visitor pamphlet, which can be given to all visitors, contractors and vendors who enter our facilities.

Purchasing Initiative Downloadables

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

MIT's General Terms and Conditions - Products >>

MIT's General Terms and Conditions - Services >>

Ship To Addresses on Campus

Sales Tax Exemption Certificates and State Listings

Please Note: Members of the MIT Community can print and date the tax forms listed above as needed.