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Summary Statement
Transaction Listing Level


Reading the Summary Statement: Budget Listing and Transaction Listing
Drill down to Budget Listing for the Fiscal Year
Drill down to Detail Transaction Report
Drill down to Source Documenti

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Reading the Summary Statement: Budget Listing and Transaction Listing

From the main report screen, you can drill down to see detailed transactions and the budget listing by clicking on an amount under some of the columns.


Drill down to the Budget Listing for the Fiscal Year

When you click on an amount under Budget , you see a breakdown of the amount budgeted for each fiscal period. Scroll down to see the annual total on the bottom.

screen capture:  Budget Listing

Field Name


Cost El

Cost element number


Fiscal month and fiscal year


Amount budgeted for the fiscal period

Cost Object
(not shown in report sample)

Shows the cost object number reported on

Print the Budget Listing

1. Remain on the screen and click the Print button Print button on the bottom of the screen.

Result: The "Print Screen List" screen is displayed.

2. Check that your Output Device (printer) is correct and click on the Continue button. You return to the Budget Listing screen while it is being printed. For further instructions, see Reports: Reporting Fundamentals: Printing Reports .

3. Click on the Cancel button Cancel button on the Budgeting Listing dialogue box to return to the main report screen.



Drill down to the Detail Transaction Report

Click on an amount under the Current , Fiscal YTD , Cumulative, and Commitment columns to see the Detail Transaction Report (DTR) for that transaction. When you click on the Commitment column, you see the Commitment section of the DTR. For a description of the DTR, see the Detail Transaction Report: Summary Level .



Drill down to the Source Document

Click on an item listed under the following columns on the Detail Transaction Report to see the original SAP document for each transaction:

  • Type
  • Document Number
  • Trans Date
  • Description
  • Amount
  • Check Number

See the Detail Transaction Report (DTR): Source Document Level for more information.