QUICK GUIDE for the Detail Transaction Report

Financial Operations
Detail Transaction Report (DTR)

NOTE: For best printed quality, get the paper Quick Reference Card from the Paper Documents web page.

MIT personnel can order free copies from Copy Technology Centers or download the PDF files directly.


Go to Initial Screen
Step 1: Complete the Selection Criteria Entry Screen
Step 2: Complete the Print Options Entry Screen
Step 3; Complete the Sort Options Entry Screen
Review Transaction Detail Section
Review Commitment Listing
Review Source Document Screen

Go to Initial Screen

From the SAP User Menu screen:

Navigation Path:

- User Menu
- Role ZMIT
- Reports
- Detail Trans Report

Transaction Code :


Result: Three tabbed screens are displayed for you to enter all the selection criteria for running the Detail Transaction Report. Complete the Selection Criteria screen first before moving to the next one. Move between the screens by clicking on the tab.


You can view the Detail Transaction Report (DTR) after running the Summary Statement report by clicking the DTR button DTR button.



Step 1: Complete the Selection Criteria Entry Screen

Required fields
Type in the fiscal period and year.
Type in the ending fiscal period and year.
Enter a cost element group; CEMIT-0 is the standard DTR.
Type in or select the correct company code.

Enter either a Profit Center Group Number (5a), Profit Center (5b), Project (5c), or Cost Object (5d) as described below.

Profit center group number.
Department number preceded by a "P." 
Project number for parent/child WBS element.
Enter individual cost objects or any combination (WBS element, internal order, cost center).
Click on the Print Options tab.
Optional fields
Enter individual cost elements. If left blank, all cost elements included in CEMIT-0 are used.
Check this box to see all lower WBS's under the WBS element that you entered.

To limit the WBS levels for the WBS element you entered, type in the level no. (2-5).

Type in the cost object if you don't know the cost object type and press the Enter/Return key. The numbers appear in the correct cost object field above.
10) Click to include cost objects by term code; deselect to omit them:
open for charges between start and end dates of cost object
active but in the closing period
no longer in use
completely closed; charges not allowed
11) Enter the MIT ID of the cost object's supervisor. All cost objects for the supervisor for which you have authorization will be displayed on the report.
12) Check to omit the Commitment Listing from the DTR.


Check to exclude blanket POs from the Commitment Listing.

screen capture:  DTR Selection Criteria entry screen



Step 2: Complete the Print Options Entry Screen

Check this field only if you want your report printed immediately but not displayed on the screen first. Type in the printer name that you want the report sent to.
Select the page orientation:


Prints the report horizontally (11 x 8 1/2).
Prints the report vertically (8 1/2 x 11).
Select the print mode:
Prints the report single-sided.
Prints the report double-sided (only on duplex printers).
Default printer
Prints the report single or double-sided according to the printer's default.


Click the Sort Options tab.

screen capture:  DTR Print Options screen



Step 3: Complete the Sort Options Entry Screen (optional)

You can use this screen to sort the DTR transaction listing. You cannot sort the Commitment Listing.

Click the Matchcode button Matchcode button (Mac) (PC: Matchcode button (PC)). Double-click to select from the list of fields displayed.
(optional) Repeat Step 3a to sort on additional fields.
3c) Click the radio button to the left of either ascending or descending order.


Click the box to the left of Subtotal if you want a subtotal on the sorted field.
Click the Execute button Execute button to run the report.

screen capture:  DTR Sort Options screen



Review Transaction Detail Section (top of report)

The transaction listing is the main report screen that shows details on all transactions posted to a cost object for selected fiscal periods.

Report Buttons
Change Sort Order Lets you re-sort the DTR Transaction Listing, but not the Commitment Listing.
Change Layout Allows you to change the order of columns on the DTR Transaction Listing, but not on the Commitment Listing.
Allows you to download the report to a spreadsheet.

See the Detail Transaction Report (DTR): Summary Level: Using the SAP Report Buttons for instructions on using the buttons.

Report Columns


Type of SAP document; e.g. a journal voucher or a purchase order


SAP posting document number, such as an SAP invoice number or a journal document number


Document date


Displays the number identifying the original transaction such as a requisition and a description of the charge


Amount of the transaction


Check number. This is confirmation that MIT has paid the invoice.

screen capture:  DTR Transaction Listing section



Review Commitment Listing (bottom of report)

The Commitment section lists all line items of a purchase order, both open and closed, as of the run date of the report. Indicates the total amount of the blanket orders (if selected on the entry screen) and what remains on the purchase order.


Total amount of all line items originally ordered.


Total amount invoiced, including shipping charges and discounts.


Original order price times the quantity of items not yet invoiced.

screen capture:  DTR Commitment Listing



Review Source Document Screen

You can drill down to the source document screen on the Transaction and the Commitment listings. The source document screen shows information on the original SAP transaction such as a requisition, journal voucher, or check. On the Transaction Listing, the source document screens include the "Document Header," the "Display Document: Overview," the "Display Document: Line Item," the "Address and Bank Data," and the "Display Check Information" screen. On the Commitment Listing, the source document screens include the "Display Purchase Order," "Display Funds Commt," and others.

1. Click on an item listed under a column on the Detail Transaction Report.

After you click on the items listed under the Type, Document Number, and Trans Date columns, the "Document Header" screen appears first. Click the Enter button Enter button to see the related screen for that document.

screen capture:  DTR source document

2. Click the Back button Back button to return to the main DTR report screen.