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A transaction code is a four-character command that tells the system location of a task. Each SAP screen has a unique transaction code. A transaction code may contain only letters such as zstm or a combination of letters and numbers such as me51.

In SAP, you can use transaction codes as a shortcut or alternative to using the navigation path to get to a system task. Type /n followed by the transaction code and press the Enter/Return key.

For example, instead of following the navigation path User Menu >> Role ZMIT>> Purchasing >> Requisitions >> Create a Requisition from the SAP User Menu screen, you can type /nme51 in the Command field of any screen. In either case, the "Create: Purchase Requisition: Initial Screen" is displayed.



Using a Transaction Code

1. Place the cursor in the Command field. (The Command field is located in the Toolbar, see Getting Started: SAP Screens.)

2. Type /n to end the current task, followed by the transaction code.

For example, to start creating a requisition type /nme51.

3. Press the Enter/Return key.

Result: The "Create: Purchase Requisition: Initial Screen" is displayed.

Listed below are the commands used in combination with the transaction codes.

Command + Trans Code


/n + Transaction code

End current system task and go to new system task

/o + Transaction code

Create a new session and go to new system task without closing prior session


List open sessions

/i or /nend

Log off


The /nzmit transaction code is no longer available for accessing the MIT Financial System screen.



Finding a Transaction Code

There are several ways to find the transaction code for an SAP screen.

On the SAP menu screens

1. To display an individual transaction code, place the cursor on the transaction item in a menu folder.

2. Follow the menu path: Extras >> Technical details.

Result: The transaction code is listed at the top of the dialog box that appears.

1. To display transaction codes for all the transactions listed in the menu folder, follow the menu path: Extras >> Settings.

2. Select Show technical name.

Result: The dialog box closes. The transaction code is displayed in front of the transaction item when you access it from the menu folder.



On Other SAP screens

  • Follow the menu path: System >> Status.

Result: In the SAP data section of the screen, the Transaction field displays the transaction code. In this case, it would be me51.

screen capture:  System Status


  • In the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen, click the Tab List button Tab List button to the right of the client number. See below.

    screen capture:  Status Bar

Result: A box similar to the following pops up.

Mac screen: PC screen:
screen capture:  Status bar on the Mac screen capture:  Status bar on the PC

Click on Transaction.

Result: The transaction code for the current screen is displayed in the Status Bar next to the Tab List button Tab List button.


Displaying a List of Recently Used Transaction Codes (for the PC only)

1. Click on the Selection List button located in the right corner of the Command field.

screen capture:  Transaction code list

Result: A list of the transaction codes that you recently typed in is displayed.

2. To use a transaction, click on the transaction code. It appears in the Command field.

3. Press the Enter/Return key or click the Enter button Enter button.