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SAP User Menu Screen

SAP User Menu Screen
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SAP User Menu Screen
There are one of two main screens you see when you first log on to SAP:

  • The SAP Menu screen which is the general screen delivered standard with SAP.
  • The SAP User Menu screen is customized for MIT transactions and should be the default screen. It displays at least three main menu folders labelled: 1. User menu 2. Role (there may be more than one Roles folder) 3. Favorites.

1. The User menu contains the Role folders and is personalized with your name.

2. The Role folder is the area menu such as Role ZMIT which contains transactions on the MIT Financial System (zmit) navigation menu. You can have more than one Role folder depending on which area menus you are authorized to use.


You cannot use the transaction code /nzmit to access the MIT Financial System menu. Instead, open the Role ZMIT folder on the SAP User Menu screen.

3. The Favorites folder can be used to store a list of your "favorites"; i.e., frequently used transaction codes or Web addresses. For more information on creating and using Favorites, see Getting Started: Favorites.

You can also use the SAP menu, the equivalent of the SAP R/3 menu, by clicking on the SAP Menu button SAP Menu button located on the Toolbar.

screen capture:  SAP User Menu screen




Navigation Area
The area of the screen where the Role folders or area menus, navigation folders, and the Favorites folder are located. You can open and close the folders there by clicking on the arrows to the left of each folder.

Open the folders under the Role ZMIT folder or other Role folder until you can reach the transactions or reports. These are the ones with the cube on the left. To start a transaction, double-click on it anywhere.

Navigation Area

screen capture:  Navigation area on the User Menu screen


Navigation Path
The navigation path refers to the folders and transactions that you need to open in order to start a transaction or a report running. For example, the navigation path for Create a Requisition is:

- User Menu
- Role ZMIT
- Purchasing
- Requisitions
- Create a Requisition



Changing the Display Options
You can control the appearance of the SAP screen, the level of Role folders displayed, the names of transactions and favorites, and the position of the Favorites folder.

1. Follow the menu path: Extras >> Settings.

The default settings are displayed.

screen capture:  Settings window


What it does

Display favorites at end of list

Puts the Favorites folder at the end of the rest of the menu folders. If unchecked, the Favorites folder will be at the first folder displayed.

Do not display menu, only display favorites

Displays only the Favorites folder.

Do not display picture

Removes the large blue SAP whirlpool graphic on the right side of the screen.

Display technical names Adds the transaction code to the name of the transaction and favorite and changes the name of the area menu (Role) folder. For example:
- Create a Requisition would be labelled ME51-Create a Requisition
- The Role folder would be labelled Role ZMIT if it is the MIT Financial System menu

If unchecked, only the name of the transaction and favorite will be displayed.
- Create a Requisition would be named Create a Requisition
- The Role folder would be named MIT Financial System

Show first level
(displays only for the User Menu folder)

Shows only the Role folders or area menus you are authorized to use under the User Menu folder. If unchecked, the sublevel folders listed under the Role folder will be displayed instead of the Role folder.

2. Click in the left box to select or deselect each setting.

3. Click the Enter button Enter button .

Result: Your settings take effect immediately.



Startup Menu
If the SAP User Menu screen is not your default menu, you can reset it:

1. Follow the menu path: System >> User profile >> Own data.

2. Click on the Defaults tab.

3. Blank out the StartMenu field.

4. Click the Back button Back button .