Processing an Order

You can process an order by using the Enterprise Business Center (EBC) or the MIT Merchant's Payment Pages.

Getting Started Using the Enterprise Business Center

You will be using the Enterprise Business Center (EBC) to process orders, credits, and voids; swipe a card; produce receipts, search for information; and produce reports. I need help with this page is available on each screen.

Different Ways To Accept An Order

Depending on whether the card is present or not, you can process an order as follows:

  • Card present: Customers present their credit card.
    The merchant enters the order information in the Enterprise Business Center (EBC) system and swipes the card on the swipe machine.
  • Card not present: Customers can call on the phone.
    The merchant can access Virtual Terminal in EBC and enter the information. The swipe machine is not involved in this transaction.

Accessing the EBC

Before you begin, you will have received a pre-assigned user ID and password.

  1. Access the EBC by going to for production and for testing.
  2. Log in to EBC. The first time you log in, you will be prompted to change your password.

The EBC Menu Choices

After you log in and change your password, you are ready to process an order. The menu (on the left side of the screen) offers a list of choices. You might see all or a subset of them.

Menu Choice


Virtual Terminal

Anyone authorized by the merchant can process orders and do voids.Only those with a manager's role can do credits.

Tools & Settings

Not applicable.

Transaction Search

You can do a variety of searches, for example, see all the activity for this week, see all the activity for a specific customer, see all the transactions that has some error code, such as invalid credit card, etc.


The user can search for activity based on a variety of criteria.

Account Management

It is her that you can change your password. Click on I need help with this page for more information.


This is EBC's support, which is not applicable for the merchant. For MIT support, send your questions via RequestTracker to

Transactions you can do using the Virtual Terminal

Need Help?

If you need help on any of these activities, note that each page is equipped with I need help with this page, which appears at the top of each page. Click it and it will bring you to Help topics associated with the page/screen. EBC provides an explanation of the screen.

For MIT support, send your questions via RequestTracker to

Ready to Log Out?

On the menu, click Log Out when you have finished your session.

MIT Merchant's Payment Pages

Another way to process an order is through the MIT Merchant's Web Payment pages. These are web-based forms for MIT employees and customers to fill out online and provide credit card information.

They can be a simple generic MIT Payment Page that the customer can access remotely and pay for the order or, customers can, at their own cost, develop and customize their own page and link it to their website. Sample of generic payment pages: Sample.

They also can be more comprehensive payment pages. For example, if the department has its own web site, the customer can attach a Payment Page form to the web site and customize it, e.g., add the department's logo to the form. Customers can develop the form if there is a technical resource, such as a web content developer, in the department. If customers do not have a web site and are thinking about having one, they can contact DCAD (Departmental Consulting and Application Development) or an outside resource to assist in the development of a new site.