International SOS

MIT has contracted with the travel assistance company, International SOS (I.SOS) to provide emergency medical and security evacuation services to faculty, staff and students who are traveling abroad on MIT business. International SOS has 24-hour Alarm Centers, international clinics and remote-site medical facilities covering five continents.

In addition, before traveling we highly recommend viewing the MIT Assistance Abroad modules located in the MIT Learning Center. An International SOS Security expert came to the MIT campus to provide travel safety information to members of our community. Important information includes helpful pre-departure tips, traveling to dangerous areas, emergency response, transportation and much more. Please click on the MIT Learning Center link here: MIT Learning Center. The modules are available under the "Community Safety and Security" course group, subcategory "Travel."

Please note that these services are neither a substitute for, nor supplement to, personal health insurance. MIT travelers must maintain their own personal health insurance and should confirm coverage limitations, if any, while traveling abroad, with their health plan administrator prior to departure.

Learn more at MIT’s International SOS Program Portal.

If you have any questions regarding MIT’s International SOS program, please contact the Insurance Office at 617-324-5031.

For further information and contact information regarding your health insurance benefits while traveling abroad, please see:

MIT Benefits Office

MIT Medical