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Is a report that lists all wage and salary activity processed through the payroll system for each cost object, showing percent of effort in addition to a dollar amount. This report was originally designed for the legacy payroll system but a version of the report (renamed eDACCA) has been retained as the certification method for SAP payroll.DACCAs must be reviewed and certified by a designated cost object certifier who has direct knowledge of the work performed. Any required changes must be submitted through eSDS within 60 days following the close of the fiscal quarter in which the activity takes place (or be subject to the late-change process). If the cost object certifier chooses to authorize a proxy to complete the electronic DACCA approval process in SAP, signed DACCAs must be retained in the DLCs (for the current FY and four additional FYs). See details of this policy and related process >>

Data Warehouse

Provides the MIT community with integrated data from various administrative systems stored in one location. MIT Data Warehouse >>

Deferred Income

Funds that have been collected but have yet to be earned, usually due to restrictions in time or requirement of deliverable results. For example, a customer pays their annual software license upfront on Jan. 1. As the company financial year-end is May 31, the company would record five months of the income as turnover in the profit and loss account. The rest would be accrued in the balance sheet as a "deferred" creditor.


The place to which a shipment is consigned.


Centrally-generated monthly payroll report designed for the legacy payroll system that lists all payroll transactions for support staff, service staff, and students by individual.This report is sent to each department. The DINDIs must be reviewed in a timely manner; changes must be communicated to Payroll via hard copy turnaround document. The function of this report is replaced in the SAP payroll system by eSDS.


MIT Department, Lab, or Center

DLC Support Team

MIT Department, Lab, or Center administrators who are part of a peer-support program to promote best-practices and improve communication.

Document Type

SAP term, similar to "transaction type".

Drop Shipment

Merchandise that is shipped by a manufacturer directly to a customer in response to the seller who collects orders but does not maintain an inventory.